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Hardware & Software

About computers

Preferred platform: PC.
As far as flexibility & upgradability is concerned, there's no other choice. Not to forget the superior price/performance ratio.

Windows Workstations: Windows 10 Professional.

Linux Workstations: Lubuntu / KX-Studio.
On a properly configured Linux system, JACK provides an immensly powerful, rock-solid low-latency infrastructure, enabling device sharing and inter-application audio routing.


About DAW's

The ultimate Digital Audio Workstation?

Well, while there's arguably no single piece of software which will satisfy every user's needs, here are my picks:


PreSonus Studio One Professional is the ultimate all-in-one workhorse, which - simply said - blows the competition out of the water.
Workflow, ease of use and features are pretty much unique, the licensing model is fair, and it comes with a truckload of bundled high-quality plugins, addons and content.
To top it off, it's highly affordable and doesn't impose any of the restrictions many competing DAW's are riddled with.
With a single software purchase, you're ready to produce professional sounding results.

Then there's Mixbus...

Based on the excellent open-source DAW Ardour, Harrison's unique concept and proprietary DSP simplify the workflow greatly and yield quite amazing results.


Plugins vs. outboard gear...

Most of my work is done 'in the box':

  • No requirement for additional D-A/A-D conversion in the signal chain.
  • Well written and properly applied plugins aren't only sufficient for most mixing and mastering scenarios; they offer outstanding quality and a drastically improved workflow.
    What this means for you? More consistency and flexibility at no extra cost.
  • Analogue summing and/or an analogue mastering chain are not required in order to obtain professional sounding results.
  • Lowering overall costs of operation, which directly feeds back to you, the customer.

Audio interfaces

Mainly Presonus & Avid, but also E-Mu, Terratec & Yamaha.



A pair of ADAM nearfields constitutes the heart of my monitoring system. Further, I employ a wide range of other studio monitors, hifi speakers, boom boxes and headphones; nothing beats checking a mix or a master on as many systems as possible.



Source material on audio cassettes and/or vinyl records can be digitized using the following equipment:

  • Record Player: Denon DP-300F / various preamps, cartridges & styli
  • Tape Deck: Nakamichi BX-300E

All my analogue gear is calibrated for maximum performance and maintained regularly in order to ensure minimal losses.

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