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Not all cookies are bad... employs cookies in order to provide visitors with a smooth browsing experience. Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit and navigate most websites in existence today.

Our cookies are primarily intended to make work as you would expect.

We do not use cookies to:

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Granting us permission to use cookies

While 1st-party cookies (our own in other words) should be allowed in order to ensure full functionality of our website, you may want to block cookies which do not originate on

Should you wish to do so, you will find instructions below.

Our own cookies

1st-party cookies set by serve to track a user's session across the pages of this website (i.e. cookie consent given, viewed items, etc.).

While the website appears to load as expected, even when all cookies are blocked, it is our recommendation to allow at least these 1st-party cookies.

Third party content, like many other websites, features embedded content hosted by third parties:

These services may come with their own cookies, and blocking the latter might interfere with some functionality.

Cookies you may encounter while viewing

Originating Domain Cookie Name Info PHPSESSID PHP session cookie cookieconsent_status Cookie consent confirmation _twitter_sess ads_prefs auth_token csrf_same_site csrf_same_site_set dnt eu_cn guest_id kdt personalization_id remember_checked_on rweb_optin tfw_exp twid lang lang

Turning off Cookies

You can block cookies by adjusting your browser settings accordingly (Learn how).

Alternatively, or in addition to your browser settings, you can use one of the many anti-spyware programs to block / delete cookies which are considered to be invasive.

Learn more about managing cookies with anti-spyware software.

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