Need a bassline for your latest song...?


Session Bassist Online

Proficient in a variety of genres


  • Progressive Rock & Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Pop
  • Funk/Fusion

Don't hesitate to contact me if your song doesn't fit into these categories; I'm flexible and my skills are not restricted to the above.

No matter what Genre: I will review your material and let you know if I'm your man.

Understanding your music

My approach is entirely dictated by your composition. My aim: to support your song, not to overwhelm it.

In this context, less is often more, and a few well placed notes might do much more for your music than a busy bass line.

What you get:

Your bass line. Clean. Recorded DI. No effects.
All sound-shaping and mix decisions are left to you.

If you're after a particular sound signature, I will of course see what can be done.

What I need:

A rough mix of your song.

Should you already have a concrete idea for a bass line or a particular playing style, please let me know.

Tabs & sheet music welcome.

How does it work?


Please send me a message through the contact form.

Once the basics have been established, upload your song. I will then record a preliminary bass line.

Next, you will receive an excerpt of my work for review (mix, bass line included, mp3 format).

If approved, I will finalise and render the bass track(s).

Instruments & amps at my disposal


  • Warwick Thumb 6 BO (6-string)
  • Musicman S.U.B. 5 (5-string)
  • Cort Artisan C4 (4-string)
  • Custom P-Bass (4-string)
  • Harley Benton HBB40 (Acoustic)


  • Ibanez GWB35 (5-string)
  • Custom Jazz Bass (4-string)
  • Cort Curbow 4 FL (4-string)


  • Ashdown ABM C210T-500 EVO II
  • Markbass LM 250
  • Warwick ProFET 3.2
  • Roland Cube 30
  • Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
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